Canon PIXMA TS3322 Wireless Setup and Driver Download

Canon TS3322 Review
Canon TS3322 Review

Canon PIXMA TS3322 Wireless Setup, Fax Manual Printer Software Scanner Installation Driver Download For Mac and Windows – The Canon Pixma TS3322 Wireless All-in-One Printer is an entry-level consumer-grade all-in-one (print, replicate, examine) inkjet photo printer developed for home as well as office usage. An update to the TS3120 reviewed here back in 2017, the TS3322 is rather comparable in price and features, an extra budget-friendly AIO. Like its forerunner, the TS3322 is an important tool with slow print rates, high running expenses, and the tiniest feature set among Canon’s TS-series photo-centric Pixma. It can accept paper about 76 # basis weight, much heavier than what’s regular. The printer has a little 1.7-inch display screen. It has Wireless PictBridge for direct printing from mobile devices that have this function. You can connect straight to a COMPUTER SYSTEM with a USB cable, or to your network router wirelessly with WiFi.

The Canon PIXMA TS3322 is an all-in-one inkjet printer with scan and duplicate features. It deals with Windows along with macOS. The multi-color ink cartridge need to be replaced when a singular shade goes out. The capability of the main paper tray is 60 sheets, instead little. What the TS3322 has going all out is excellent result, especially images, When arrangement for use, the Canon PIXMA TS31322 needs a space that determines 9.3 inches high by 17 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep, and likewise weights 8.6 extra pounds.

Canon Pixma TS3322 Software Driver Download For Mac Os and Windows

Canon TS3322 Driver Download

How to Setup Canon TS3322 For Mac OS X

  1. If you have already attempted to install a driver for your Canon printer, remove it from the printers and fax system preferences pane (in you system preferences) and also go to your hard disk (or SSD) and open Library>Printer, trash the Canon folder.
  2. Also in the same folder (Library>Printer) open the folder PPDs and trash any files which refer to the Canon printer you are installing.
  3. Of course if you have another Canon printer working, be sure to selectively trash only those files pertaining to new one.
  4. Reboot and empty the trash before proceeding to step two.
  5. Unplug the printer.
  6. Download the latest driver here and run the installer package.
  7. Once the package has finished installing, go to the system preferences by clicking the Apple icon at the top right.
  8. Now you can plug in the printer and turn it on.
  9. Open the “Print and Fax” pane to open the Print and Fax preferences
  10. Click the plus button (“+”) on the left side of the window to add a printer.
  11. The name of your new Canon printer should
  12. appear in the list and you should be able to click it.
  13. If this does not, redo all the steps above and check you absolutely followed instructions correctly and followed the link to get the latest driver for the exact Canon printer model you have ensuring also that it is the latest version for Mac OS X system you have.
  14. If you still have problems, see trouble shooting below.
  15. Click on the model of Canon printer you are installing and then click “Choose a Driver or Printer Model” then click “Select Printer Software.choose your printer form the list.
  16. Then click ok. and Installation Success:

How to Setup Wireless Printer Canon TS3322

  1. Take off the entire printer’s external protective materials carefully.
  2. Open the paper output tray on the front side and lift the scanner unit cover up to expose cartridge holder.
  3. Take this cartridge holder out and remove its protective materials too.
  4. Connect the printer to a power source by plugging one end in the proper interface on the printer while the other to wall power outlet.
  5. Turn the unit on and choose the language you prefer, followed by pressing the OK button and turning the unit back off.
  6. Lift the scanner cover again to insert the cartridge holder back in place. Close the lid.
  7. Turn the unit on and press the setup button. Select wireless LAN setup via the operation panel.
  8. Press the OK button.
  9. Select easy setup.
  10. Press the OK button.
  11. Select access point.
  12. Press the OK button.
  13. Feed it the WEP-key.
  14. Press the OK button.
  15. Insert the companion CD and run the program from the auto-play.
  16. Select the country where you stay at the moment. Click Next.
  17. Choose easy install and click Next.
  18. Select “Use the printer on network” and click Next.
  19. Soon, a window of Printer Detection appears. Click Next.

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